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For more than 15 years, EVOKE has worked with the top brands in the world to effectively utilize design and technology to achieve business goals. 




EVOKE New York Corporation

EVOKE has been in business since 2005. We serve some of the top brands in the world by delivering best in class user experience solutions within the enterprise technology framework. While technically we are agnostic in terms of software, we developed a best in class niche with the Microsoft suite. With the movement to cloud we are continuing to help transition our clients from legacy “on premise” solutions to the Cloud (SharePoint Online, AZURE, and Microsoft 365).

With the evolution of Digital Transformation, EVOKE formed the elite EVOKE Engage team that delivers brilliant apps using the Microsoft Power App platform. These low to no code solutions allow the EVOKE Engage team to fine tune a company's environment utilizing the existing tools that come with the Microsoft 365 platform.

EVOKE is an award-winning Digital Transformation company that partners with its clients to build digital workplace solutions for organizational challenges. Our expertise allows our clients to focus on their business while not having to worry about solving the many issues of running it.

How can we help your organization? We provide the tools for you to synchronize people, process and productivity. Our solutions improve collaboration, engage employees and streamline business processes.

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Andrew Cohen

CEO & Managing Partner


Ivaylo Utev

VP of Technology & Partner


Allen Basis

Regional Sales Director


Natalia Volkonotskaya

General Manager


Andrei Petrukovich

Team Lead


Anthony Correra

Regional Sales Director


Eric Browne

Regional Sales Director


History & timeline

Andrew Cohen worked as a consultant for several large advertising agencies in New York City. Andrew’s drive as an entrepreneur along with his extensive work in creative design and animation lead him to start his first company, COVI Studios in 1996. After several successful years, Andrew led COVI to become one of the early pioneers of rich media. In 2005, Andrew officially started EVOKE New York Corporation. View the timeline below for further information and milestones from past to present.

  1. EVOKE New York started

  2. After only four years, EVOKE gains Microsoft Partner Certification is invited to participate on the Visionary Panel for Collaboration (SharePoint)

  3. Utilizing EVOKES’s expertise from the Visionary Panel for Collaboration, Microsoft launches SharePoint 2013

  4. EVOKE expands globally, starts sister company, EVOKE Systems with offices in Eastern Europe’s Minsk, Belarus

  5. EVOKE’s workplace solution, Learning Library built for client partner, Novo Nordisk wins multiple awards including: bronze in the Innovation category for the Learning in Practice Awards and citation in the Learning Technologies category for the Excellence in Practice Awards

  6. EVOKE earns Microsoft Silver Partner certification

  7. EVOKE earns Microsoft Gold Partner certification

  8. EVOKE continues to grow our technology team in Minsk. The increased service offerings can be seen in our service section area of the site. 

  9. EVOKE Cyber is introduced as a new division in early 2019. The managed services team is comprised of top industry professionals to address and prevent any cyber attacks on your network.

  10. EVOKE has grown to over 40+ team members that are comprised of sales, marketing, project team, developers, and management.

  11. EVOKE is entering our 15th year anniversary! We want to thank all of our clients and friends for the past and future success! 

EVOKE Systems

EVOKE Systems (ES) is the sister company and technical partner to EVOKE. Located in the Republic of Belarus, EVOKE Systems is focused on enterprise and mobile software development. ES also provides Information Technology (IT) consulting and integration services for its partners and clients. With offices in the United States as well as Europe, EVOKE is a global company serving client partners worldwide.

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Clients - our partners


EVOKE works with many brands and organizations worldwide supporting their mission and addressing their needs with our custom technology solutions. Below is a snapshot of the organizations we work with along with a brief summary of the work we have done for them. Together, we are helping our client partners to improve communications, collaboration and engagement with employees while also streamlining business processes and providing a better customer experience with exceptional digital workplace tools.

novo nordisk
Gallagher Bassett

Digital solutions

EVOKE Engage

Turn Ideas into Brilliant Apps



Cyber Security Managed Services - identify and correct a threat before it becomes a problem.


Custom enterprise solutions - your competitive advantage

Get a leg up on your competition, EVOKE develops custom enterprise solutions that reduce cost, bring value and position you as the leader


Mobile and WEB

EVOKE builds your mobile solutions for all devices



EVOKE New York

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Customer service


EVOKE Systems

220073, Minsk

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Customer service

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