• Andrew Cohen

  • Ivo Utev

  • Natalia Volkonotskaya

  • Andrei Petrukovich

Andrew Cohen

CEO & Managing Partner

Andrew Cohen is the founder, CEO and Managing Partner of EVOKE New York. Andrew’s professional background includes several entrepreneurial endeavors including working as a consultant for several large advertising agencies in New York City as well as his first company, COVI Studios which laid the groundwork for the creation of EVOKE in 2005. An early pioneer of rich media with COVI Studios, Andrew’s professional background includes over twenty years of work in digital design and user experience, providing expertise to global brands including: BAE Systems; Bank of America, Merck, Novartis, Novo Nordisk; and Reynolds American. Andrew’s background in creative design along with his understanding of technology allows him to drive EVOKE to create unique and cutting-edge digital enterprise solutions. As CEO and Managing Partner, Andrew leads EVOKE’s enterprise technology group and has a large focus on business development. He is a SharePoint Subject Matter Expert (SME) and has participated in the Microsoft Developer Kitchen for SharePoint 2013. In 2014, Andrew led EVOKE’s global expansion with the creation of its sister company, EVOKE Systems and opened offices in Minsk, Belarus.

In addition to his professional credentials, Andrew earned his BA in Studio Arts from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where he also was a four-year varsity soccer player. Prior to attending UNC, Andrew played professional soccer in Brazil for Sao Paulo Futebol Clube. An avid soccer fan and player, Andrew can be found watching or playing soccer when not in the office as well as spending time with his family.

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Ivo Utev

VP of Technology & Partner

Ivo is the EVOKE VP of Technology and SharePoint Architect who leads the enterprise development initiatives and works directly with client technical leads. Ivo runs the SharePoint teams and is involved from the initial kick off through deployment and delivery.

Ivo was part of the Microsoft Office 15 Visionary Panel and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Kitchen and continues to consult to Microsoft on future versioning of the platform.

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Natalia Volkonotskaya

General Manager

Natalia Volkonotskaya leads the R&D division in Minsk, Belarus. She is a proven leader in the IT world and has been part of the organization since 2016.

Andrei Petrukovich

Team Lead

Andrei leads the software solution team at EVOKE and EVOKE Systems.